• Pride of Ownership

Unlike other hotels or clubs you visit, Sunstar Club will be your own club. Owned in a fraction by you for yourself and your family. You will be the PROUD OWNER and not staying in someone else club/hotel.

  • Free Room Usage Benefits

Unlike other clubs you can use stay in the rooms of the club for FREE and that too for 30 days every year. You don’t have to pay any room charges for staying in that club for 30 days every year.

  • 20 Years Advantage

You will be a proud owner for next 20 years and can stay in Sunstar club and our tie up clubs and hotels for next 20 years with family.

  • Best Gift Option

You can always gift your days to your extended family members or your

loved ones/friends.

  • Usage Flexibility

You can use your hotel rooms as per your choice round the year. You can

Take 2/3 days every month or 4 days some month and 1 day some month.

  • Now’s Special Offer

For the first 180 families signing up for our club Membership we will be

giving 6 days of extra room nights which will mean that instead of 30 room nights you will be the lucky one to get 36 room nights every year for next 20 years.

  • Special Hotels for very very Special People –

i.e YOU…As your Sunstar club will take around a year and a half to be fully operational so we have got special alternate hotels tie-ups for you till that time. Two special Hotels Courtyard by Marriott and Pride Hotel on Judges bunglow are our special tie-ups for very very special people like you where you can stay till your own Sunstar club is ready. Rooms will be given complimentary along with complimentary use of swimming pool and health club and special discounts for you on food and other amenities will be available.

  • Get paid for not staying

Now this is the Best Sunstar Special for v.v.special people. Any month when you are not able to use your room nights you can get them encased and get paid 4,000 rs for that month. i.e 2 % o f your initial investment back. This could be the best possible return for your investment for next 20 years that means almost 2 generations will be able to utilize this.

  • Rentals Appreciations As will be increasing the prices of rooms every few years so as a proud owner you will also be entitled for appreciated rentals every 5 years. As of now ROI for non usage of rooms any month is 2 % per month for first 60 months.from start of 6th year to end of 10th year it will be 3 % per month for non usage. From start of 11th year to end of 15th year it will be 4 % per month on non usage of room/s. and for last 5 years i.e.16 to 20 years it will be 5 % per month on nonusage of rooms as we also believe that rooms which will be priced at 5000 rs per night will be selling at atleast 10,000 per month at that time.
  • Walkout Option Though you don’t get a walkout option everywhere but we will give

you walkout option at the end of 10th year and 20th year. In both the cases company propose to buy back your Right of Ownership and give you back your initial investment made towards membership fees.